OK, so maybe my job isn’t quite as sinister and shadowy as I made out in my last post. In fact, I work in a normal office near Barbican, London with a desk that’s overflowing with papers, and yellow post-it notes all over the place warning me of imminent deadlines. Oh, and my chair’s wonky too.

So what does a campaigns officer do? At the risk of sounding like someone who doesn’t know what they do (ahem!), I sometimes find it hard to put into simple words what my job involves. At the basic level, my job is to make change happen. I work with my colleagues to try and influence and persuade other key decision-makers that there is a problem that we need to solve. Those key decision-makers can be anywhere – in a local authority, members of parliament, in a Government department or the big man himself in No.10 Downing Street.

How do I persuade them to do something about it? Campaigners use a variety of tools ranging from a quiet word in someone’s ear to arranging big noisy public rallies. One tool that I do a lot of work on is trying to empower our members to take action themselves so that people who are concerned about issues facing deaf children can speak together with a powerful loud voice that decision makers can’t ignore.

I’ll try to give more examples of our campaign work in future blog posts. But I’ll leave you with something that my friends sometimes joke about – that my job essentially is to be an “ANGRY DEAF PERSON!”, fuming at my desk over the problems facing deaf children, and grown-ups like me. It was meant as a joke but I think, like all good jokes, there does unfortunately appear to be an element of truth to it…

Next week, I’ll tell you about some exciting news about the BBC. In the meantime, got any questions? Or know of any local anger management classes? I’ll try and come back to any comments you have in a future posting.

A very angry person...


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