Ian’s to-do list for this week

You know I’m busy when I’ve got lots of yellow post-it notes on my desk. Well, right now, my desk is a sea of yellow. I think there’s a PC underneath it somewhere and, come to think of it, I haven’t seen the IT guy in a while.

Why so busy? Well, on the 24th June – next Tuesday! – we’ll be launching our campaign report on educational underachievement of deaf children. It’s all written and done and dusted so I don’t have to worry about that. What I do have to worry about it is making sure it makes a big splash and get people’s attention. So this is the plan:

* Try to get lots of MPs to come to the launch of our campaign report. Lots have already said they’re coming. But I want more! So I’ll be doing some chasing this week.

* Talk to civil servants from the Department for Children, Schools and Families about what our report says and what we want them to do.

* Write a briefing paper that explains all about our campaign. And then cut the length in half and remove anything that sounds tecchie – all to make sure as many people as possible read it.

* Update the campaigns section of the NDCS website so all our members and supporters know what we’re up to, and know how they can support our campaign.

* Ask our staff members what they’ve got hidden away in their closets. Yes, you read that right. Because “when I grow up” is such a strong theme for the campaign – and to help us get some strong, eye-catching images for the media – we’re going to give MPs the option to dress up a bit, and tell us what they wanted to be when they grow up! I’m slightly worried as to what is going to end up on my desk but anyhow…

And much more. Busy, but good busy. Hopefully, it will all make a difference.


What do you think?

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