An exciting day out on College Green…

Well, I am still alive after a week in which our campaign report was published. Sleep-deprived, but alive!

It’s been a great week – it may even constitute one of the highlights of my professional career – though the time when I was a civil servant and fell asleep in the back of a Ministerial car while the Minister was still talking to me takes some beating. Yes, our campaign report was launched on Tuesday at College Green, just outside the Houses of Parliament. Around 45 MPs came along to help launch it and have their photo taken with some deaf children from Barking, East London and our Chief Executive, Susan Daniels. The turnout was one of the highest we’ve ever had for a NDCS event.

So who popped over? In order:

1) Lord Adonis is in the first photo, the one with the purple tie. He’s the Government Minister responsible for children with special educational needs.
2) Then we have Michael Gove. He’s the shadow Minister responsible for Children, Schools and Families in the Conservative party.
3) Oscar winning actress, now MP, Glenda Jackson graced us with her presence.
4) And a personal hero of mine, David Blunkett, also came down to say hello.

So many MPs came that some were forced to wait for a few minutes to get their photo taken… Which made for a prime opportunity to lobby them… *evil cackle* But everyone I spoke to seemed really supportive of what we were trying to achieve and keen to do what they can to help. Lord Adonis even said the report was “excellent”. I won’t let it go to my head. Well, maybe a little bit.

Then it was all over, as soon as it had started and the children returned to school. As painful as it was to admit it, after all the work over the past few weeks, this is only just the beginning. Now we need to campaign to get the Government to implement all the recommendations that we called for. Lots more work to do!

You can read the report here. And if you want to take action to support it, you can write to your MP asking him or her if he/she agrees that it’s outrageous that deaf children in England are 42% less likely to get 5 GCSEs at grades A to C.

But, for now, I’m off on holiday! I’m taking 2 and a half weeks off to recharge my batteries. I look forward to telling you all about what’s in my inbox when I get back.


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