What does Cath the deaf Cat think?

I’ve been meaning for a while to do a blog about those Leonard Cheshire adverts made by the Creature Comforts people that challenge people to change the way they think about disability – especially after a new advert appeared featuring a deaf cat that goes by the name of Cath.

And then my friend Tina beat me to it. Pesky Tina. Anyhow, rather than repeat it all, I invite you to take a look at her posting on this which is well-worth a read and sums up a lot of the frustrations that deaf children feel.

Take a look at the advert featuring the deaf cat here (Cath appears in the same advert as the shrimp). It links to what I said in my last blog posting – of teachers talking in a really patronising way. I think it’s a great campaign that makes a serious point in a fun and creative way. Hopefully, it will go someway to addressing the attitudes and preconceptions that many people have about deaf children and adults.

Incidentally, Tina has an impossibly cute hearing dog for deaf people called Smudge. Smudge has his own blog – Just Smudge. Despite being a dog, Just Smudge still manages to get my blog hits than I do! Maybe if I had cute curly locks all over my body too, things would be different…


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