Campaigning for deaf children at the Lib Dems: day 2

Today has been an exhilirating day at the Liberal Democrat party conference with meetings with not one, not two but seven MPs. Star of the show though was Laura, a local young deaf person who we brought over to the conference as a experiment, to try and prove our point that deafness is not a learning disability and if deaf children are given the right support, there is no reason why they should not achieve just as well as their hearing peers. Laura, being incredibly bright, articulate and confident proves our point perfectly. And received a lot of support from a very early age, from a teacher of the deaf and her parents. Besides, who better to explain the challenges that deaf children experience growing up than a deaf child herself. All the MPs seemed pleased to meet her and seemed to go away feeling impressed with her achievements and a clear message that deaf children can do well, if given the right support from the very beginning.

All the MPs were great, but Annette Brooke, an influential MP who has been very supportive of NDCS in the past and who has taken a close interest in how the education system serves children with special educational needs stood out as a highlight. All MPs have an incredibly busy schedule but Annette really took the time to learn in detail about Laura’s experiences and her thoughts on various issues.

We updated MPs on the latest issues realting to our campaigns and asked them to support us in various ways going forward. Then we took some photos which we’ll be sending to local media to raise awareness across the UK about our campaign.

Laura seemed to really enjoy and it was good experience for me too. I am now, though, completely knackered and am writing this to you with an IV drip on my arm, giving me a constant drip of caffeine…

One more day to go with a few more key MPs to meet…


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