Government reshuffle: new faces for NDCS

The summer holidays are officially over with Parliament returning to business this week. But before that, the headteacher, Gordon Brown has been busy this week reshuffling his team of Ministers. And of the three Ministers that worked on the policy areas most key to us, ALL three have now moved on!

Lord Adonis, the Minister responsible for special educational needs at the Department for Children, Schools and Families, has been replaced by Sarah McCarthy-Fry.

Ivan Lewis, the Minister responsible for audiology at the Department of Health, has been replaced by Phil Hope.

And Anne McGuire, Minister for Disability, has been replaced by Jonathan Shaw.

Here are all of the new faces:

You can understand the need for fresh blood, and to rejuvenate policy. But to have the three Ministers we work with most closely go at the same time… At a time, when we just about to meet with one (now cancelled) and had just met with another… Hmm. I was also minded of a recent Action for Children report which set out in detail the amount of policy churn relating to policy towards children, and the impact this has on people working on the ground.

Still, it’s an opportunity as much as anything. We’ll be working to forge new contacts going forward. In fact, we’ve already met, by chance, one of the new Ministers which I’ll be blogging about soon…


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