Deaf children on Guardian online video… and no subtitles

The Guardian is not having a good week.

I’ve already blogged about how an article was published that was derogatory to BSL users.

And now the Guardian have done a very interesting article about a young group of deaf children who have formed a music band… and uploaded a video of an interview with a band to the website. With no subtitles. And no transcript.

I don’t quite understand. The BBC did the same thing a while back. Does it not occur to people doing these video stories about deafness that without subtitles or a transcript, it will be completely inaccessible to deaf people? It’s not as if the technology isn’t out there.

It’s incredibly frustrating. And almost disrespectful. So I’ve written to the Guardian to complain – and will let you know how I get on.

UPDATED: After writing this, I discovered that the Guardian have now put subtitles on the online video. Which is great news, very impressive. I’d like to think it’s all down to my complaint… but I’m sure they had always intended to do so.

I look forward to the day when all online video content is subtitled!

I feel bad for having a go at them now…


3 thoughts on “Deaf children on Guardian online video… and no subtitles

  1. I suspect the deaf sign user (Child or Adult), are victims of their own language use. Such is the image of ‘Deaf people sign’ those who provide access, ignore everything else, who is to ‘blame’ ? Perhaps the deaf lobby for going along with it ? Even today there are huge objections to non captioned signing output, and FROM deaf people too, the fact is we DON’T all use sign language and NEED titled access, just the same, as deaf signers ‘need’ that. There does seem an unwillingness for deaf to comply to real access. They should lead by example. Yesterday HM government in Britain refused to support lip-reading, but DID support sign, see where it is all going ! Given there are less than 3 terps for every 100 deaf, absolute madness…

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