Update on NICE review on cochlear implants

To go back to a story on cochlear implants from a few months ago, you might remember that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence had published their conclusions on cochlear implants. Their conclusions were more positive than we could have hoped for, meaning that any parents who made an informed choice for it could chose for their child to have cochlear implants in one or both ears.

If all had gone to plan, primary care trusts would currently be getting ready to implement this guidance…

Instead, someone appealed against the NICE findings. We had naively assumed that no-one would do such a thing so it’s very frustrating. Tomorrow, there will be an appeal hearing and we will find out who has appealed and why. I’ll be there. Maybe even with some rotten fruit and veg in my bag and my guide book to effective heckling.*

Best case scenario is that this is just a unhelpful delay – but that soon primary care trusts can get on with implementing the guidance. Worse case scenario is that the appeal is upheld – and then we go back to the drawing board with deaf children experiencing long delays and a postcode lottery in getting cochear implants.

Fingers crossed.

*Not really.


6 thoughts on “Update on NICE review on cochlear implants

  1. When can we know who objected ? and why do they nort decalre publicly ? there was ample time in the run-up to the N.I.C.E assessments, when all areas were offered input, why leave it until this time ? AFTER they found for CI’s ? Is it some ‘Deaf’ group being difficult or what ? DOH !

  2. It is an extremely frustrating situation but again it comes down to cost and therefore it is a collaberation of pct’s that have made the appeal based essentially on cost.

  3. When will we hear the outcome of the appeal and whether it is being upheld or not. I was expecting to hear within 3 weeks however when i spoke to NICE today they said they had 21 working days (which seems strange as that equates to four weeks and a day). Does anybody know anymore with regard to when to expect an announcement?

  4. Hi,

    We’ve had no intelligence on when we might expect any announcement so we’re just twiddling our thumbs at the moment… I was hoping it would be before Christmas.

    We did note though that cochlear implants is not in the list of guidance expected to be published by NICE in January. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything given the guidance is still pending an appeal – but I think it is 50:50 that the guidance will be issued at the end of January.


  5. Does anyone have any idea on when we are going to hear something i was originally told last week to expect something but again it didn’t happen! I feel so frustrated that this seems to be such a drawn out process. Any ideas on a timescale?

  6. NICE only publish guidance on the 4th Wednesday of the month. So if anything is going to get published soon – it will be this Wednesday.

    If it’s not this Wednesday, it will towards the end of February…

    We’ll be keeping a close eye out for events on Wednesday.


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