DCSF overload

Today, the Department for Children, Schools and Families has published:

* The Children’s Plan: a one year on progress report, clocking in at 233 pages long.
* 21st century schools: a consultation on how schools need to completely revamp themselves to provide a world class education for every child.
* 2020 Children and Young People’s Workforce Strategy.

This is on top of two other key documents already published this week:

* A play strategy
* Interim report by the Rose Review into the primary curriculum.

Five reports in three days. I chose a bad week to give up caffeine.

But seriously, for a Government that is committed to working with stakeholders, it seems a bit unreasonable to throw five lengthy reports at them in three days and allow them to read, digest and give an informed response. It’s like being bludgeoned by initiatives. And I just work for a charity that needs to follow what’s going on and understand what it means for deaf children. I’m not a teacher or a professional who’s expected to implement it all. It’s impossible.

Well, so far I’ve skimmed the Children’s Report document. It definitely makes for interesting reading and there’s a big announcement on more funding for children with special educational needs. I’ll blog about it when I’ve read it properly. I may be some time if the Government throws out any more reports in the coming days. I have a horrible feeling there may be more to come…

I admire the Government’s zeal to make things better for children. But maybe sometimes less is more?


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