Acoustics in schools: Building Bulletin 93

Sometimes campaigning is as simple as just asking…

For the past few months we’ve been thinking about a possible campaign on acoustics in schools, highlighting that deaf children need to be able to listen if they are able to learn in the classroom effectively. Just before Christmas we had a meeting with two professors in acoustics, which was very illuminating and incredibly helpful. In particular, they informed us about a limited and internal review underway on the standard for acoustics in newly built schools, known as Building Bulletin 93.

Given some of our emerging concerns about acoustics, we obviously didn’t want the review to pass by without having a chance to comment and an opportunity to raise some key questions. So we asked the Department for Children, Schools and Families if we could be involved on the panel.

Cynic, that I am, I expected that there would only be room on the panel for experts in acoustics and buildings. Instead, we got a very quick reply saying yes.

Wow. If only that happened all the time.

I’ve spent much of today drafting a reply to the review and I’ll be blogging soon about some of our specific concerns and our developing work on acoustics. Watch this space.

PS If you know of any examples of poor acoustics in schools, let us know and we’ll use it in our campaign work.


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