Thinking up a name for a campaign on acoustics…

NDCS has long been planning a campaign on the quality of acoustics in schools, but one of the trickier things has been trying to think up a campaign name for it. It had to be snappy and punchy and memorable – which ruled out anything with the word “acoustics” in it.

We initially zoned in on “Hear to Learn”. It linked sound quality with education – so far, so good – and was reasonably punchy. In fact, I wanted to go for “Hear2Learn” but I was outvoted by my colleagues. Apparently, using numbers as a substitute for a word is so last century. If so, someone should write a memo to Prince about this.

We were all set to go with this when two things happened. Firstly, we realised that NDCS had just released an educational DVD called “Here to Learn”. And secondly, we discovered that RNID has a project called “Here to Help”. “Hear to Learn” no longer sounded particularly original – so we threw that idea out the window.

We went back to the drawing board and canvassed of our colleagues and finally settled on a new improved campaign name. We’ve now gone for:

Sounds good.

And the final last minute twist? To add a question mark so it became:

Sounds good?

I like it beause it links sound quality with something positive. And the question mark adds some doubt into the arena by suggesting there is something out there with rubbish sound quality – like schools. The only problem with the name is that there is no link with schools or education. But after weeks of musing, I think there comes a time when you’ve got just to chose a name and stick with it!

What do you think of the campaign name? Grateful for any thoughts.

Of course, our entire campaign activity the past few weeks hasn’t been devoted to thinking up a name (ahem!) – come back soon for the latest on our campaign to make sure acoustics in schools are fit for all deaf children.


3 thoughts on “Thinking up a name for a campaign on acoustics…

  1. Well-Sounded Education
    Hear Here!
    Hearing is FUNdamental
    Say what?
    See AND hear
    Listen and learn
    Freedom for speech

    You’ve probably gotten far too many suggestions….and these are off the cuff….

  2. The Sounds of Education (learning)
    The Hearing Connection
    Hearing Smarts
    Hear What You’ve Been Missing
    Hearing to Understand
    Hearing is the Way to Understanding

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