Shameless: new deaf character on the telly!

One of the plus sides of my job is that I sometimes find out some juicy gossip or really exciting news.

The downside is often I’m not allowed to talk about it for ages without fear of being on a receiving end of a visit from from the Maguires from Shameless.

Happily, I’m now allowed to tell everyone what I’ve been keeping shtum about for ages. Shameless, the excellent Channel 4 programme, will soon be introducing a deaf character played by a deaf actor!

The new character is called Danny, who is just 16. The intelligence I have is that in episode 7, to be shown on Tuesday 10th March, Danny will turn up in the boot of a car – and in true Shameless fashion crashes into the world of the Chatsworth Estate.

Well, I’m going to be glued to my set. Am very excited indeed. And from a campaigns point of view, it will be great for deaf young people to see deaf people on the telly.


One thought on “Shameless: new deaf character on the telly!

  1. I wonder if American readers are aware this program could not be aired in its present form over there ! It contains language and sex scenes I am pretty sure woul dnevr get past American censors… I’m wondering just how much swearing in sign language will be allowed lol……………

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