Update – Shameless: new deaf character on the telly!

Make sure you watch Shameless on Channel 4 on Tuesday evening at 10pm to see the new deaf character who will be sticking around for a few episodes. The character, Danny, and the actor playing him, Louis Kissaun, both use British Sign Language as their main language. The Guardian had a short interview with the guy last week and the Shameless website has some basic information too.

And I enjoyed an exclusive preview of the showing last Tuesday! By ‘exclusive’, I, of course mean, I watched it on E4, which I forgot sometimes showed programmes a week in advance if you were willing to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. As a result of this, there has already been a bit of chatter about it online. Depressingly, some of it is already nitpicking and missing the bigger point about having deaf role models on TV. Anyhow, without giving away too much, I thought the new character was great and did a good job of showing the communication barriers experienced by deaf people. I’m hooked.

It’s not for the faint-hearted though. This being Shameless, Danny gets to use a few naughty words. And there’s also a heroin storyline going on with one of the other characters. Fun for all the family!


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