Breakthrough on BBC online video news stories

I’ve now had not one but two replies from the BBC about my complaint about BBC news online putting up online video stories about deaf children without subtitles or a transcript. The guy was open, helpful, apologetic and seemed as frustrated as I was that this had happened again. The explanation? Regional reports and producers and the online journalists failing to get it, and there being no one person to knock heads together to make sure they all do this. BBC bureaucracy, apparently.

And then in the second email, I was told that he’d spoken to the head of our regional newsrooms who sees no problem in trying to resolve the issue and will be asking staff to address this and make sure access is provided to video stories about deaf children.

Victory! I’m very happy. It’s not often I get a reasonably positive response to a complaint I’ve make. So hats off to the BBC. I guess being an angry deaf person can get you results sometimes…

I remain vigilante though… And if you spot any more examples of BBC online news stories without access, please let me know.


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