Government drops hint on acoustics testing…

This week, the Government suggested it might be poised to introduce pre-completion acoustic testing in all new schools. If this is the case, then one of the campaign aims for NDCS’s Sounds good? campaign will have been met. Yay!

This came about through an answer to a parliamentary question where the Minster for Schools and Learners said “we are considering the possibility of strengthening the recommendation that all schools should be subjected to pre-completion acoustic testing”. The question was tabled by Rosie Cooper MP who, incidentally, is a daughter of deaf parents.

Whilst it’s not a firm commitment, it would be odd for the Government to raise expectations if it thought it would probably dash them. It would be a bit like leaving birthday candles on the kitchen table for your child and then failing to come up with a birthday cake to go with it.

My job is now to keep the pressure on, try and get a firmer commitment on acoustic testing and make sure the Government turns up soon with a decent birthday cake. Ideally, a chocolate one. A quadruple chocolate cookie cake, if possible.


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