Taking action on acoustics after government disasppointment

So did we get a quadruple chocolate cookie cake? Nope. After dropping a big hint that it would, the Government didn’t even come to the party with a sponge cake. Government officials have now indicated that our main ask for our Sounds good? campaign of pre-completion acoustic testing is not going to be taken forward by a current review of acoustic standards. And the word is that there won’t be another review for five more years.

This is really disappointing. Especially since nearly everyone round the table supports this and despite all the evidence that it’s needed. And doubly disappointing given all the positive signals that were being given. Expectatations have been raised – and dashed.

But we are not giving up! Indications we have is that the stumbling block is the Department for Communities and Local Government who are co-responsible for building standards. As a result, our campaign is shifting its focus slightly and we have a new campaign target. We have a meeting with a Minister at the Department, Iain Wright, soon to take this up.

And now we’re also calling on the big guns to help drive our campaign forward. We’ve launched a new campaign action to ask our members/supporters to write to their MP. If lots of MPs support our call for pre-completion acoustic testing, the hope is that resistance from Communities and Local Government will fall by the wayside.

So we need everyone’s help. Our website makes it quick and easy for you to contact your MP. You don’t need to know who he/she is. And you don’t have to write the message – we prepare a draft message for you. You just have to put in your details and click send. So if you’ve got a spare five minutes, please click here and support the campaign.

I’ll be doing regular updates on how many people have contacted their MP and what impact this is having.


What do you think?

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