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Big award for pioneering young deaf person

Posted by Ian Noon on April 9, 2009

Saw a story today which warmed my cynical jaded heart from This is Local London news. The young deaf person, Dean Rhodes-Brandon, behind website – which is a lifeline to all those wanting to know where and when they can watch films with subtitles – has won an award for his efforts, which was presented by the Chancellor.

It’s great to see this achievement recognised. It proves that deaf young people can excel, just like all other children. And all the better that Dean has used his talents to widen access for all other deaf people. Although I have my occasional grumble about cinema access, I never had the option of going to the cinema as a child and now I do.

I’m going to have a chocolate easter egg to celebrate.


2 Responses to “Big award for pioneering young deaf person”

  1. Thanks Mr. Noon!


  2. […] by Ian Noon on June 30, 2009 Fresh from winning a People’s Choice award, Dean Rhodes-Brandon, the pioneer behind Your Local website are up for yet another […]

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