Have you contacted your MP yet? Reminder #1

I mentioned that we’ve launched a call for action from our members and supporters to contact their MP to call for action on acoustics in schools. Our website is magic and makes it really easy to do this. Have you done it yet?

Don’t have time? It really won’t take more than five minutes. You could do in the advert break between Coronation Street. And it’s Easter so I’m sure you can spare five minutes away from eating easter eggs.

Don’t know who your MP is? Just tell us your postcode and we’ll work it out for you.

Don’t know what to say? Well, lucky for you we’ve written a template message for you. It will come up on screen once you’ve told us your details.

Think it’s all pointless? Absolutely not. The more pressure we put on the Government, the more likely they will take action to help deaf children.

So if you believe that schools in the UK need to be fully inclusive for deaf children, then please contact your MP.

Click here to make a difference.

Thank you and a have a good Easter!


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