Have you contacted your MP yet? Reminder no.2

When we met with Iain Wright, the Minister responsible for building regulations, earlier this week, he revealed that he had received a letter from one of his constituents about our campaign for schools that sound good.

Was that you? If so, then it was fantastically helpful. We’re sure it helped him realise that acoustics in schools is an issue that lots of people think is important – and made him more positively inclined to listen to what we had to say.

It was a great example of how people taking part in our campaigns can make a big difference. It may just be a letter or an email – but MPs do pay attention to what their constituents are saying and they do remember. Not everyone is Minister for building regulations, but MPs can, do and will make a difference.

So have you contacted your MP yet about our campaign for schools that sound good? It’s easy and only takes three minutes. Click here and our website will do all the work for you. At the time of writing, over 160 people had already contacted their MP. The more MPs we contact, the more impact we’ll have and the more likely we can change the world for deaf children. So if you haven’t already, get on with it!


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