Acoustics campaign gets endorsement boost

reading-newspaperThe sounds good? campaign for improved acoustics in schools got a bit of a boost last week when we managed to get a bunch of other organisations to sign up to a letter to the editor of the Times Educational Supplement. We were behind the letter which was signed by over ten organisations who, like us, believe that the listening environment in schools need to be treated as a greater priority.

So who signed up? One of the largest councils in the country, a leading teaching union, audiological experts and other major children’s charities. Our website has the full list.

Why go to this effort? We wanted to demonstate that acoustics isn’t just an issue that affects deaf children. It’s important for all children to be able to listen and learn effectively, as well as for teachers to be able to teach effectively. Importantly, we also wanted to demonstrate the wide consensus out there action needs to be taken to improve acoustics in schools.

The hope is that the Government will see how much support there is out there for our campaign ask of a new requirement for acoustic testing that they will get on with it.


What do you think?

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