Have you contacted your MP yet? Reminder no.3

The campaign for better acoustics in schools is reaching a critical phase. In around a month, we will be hosting a parliamentary event where we will be asking MPs to come along and listen to a simulation of what bad acoustics sound like to a deaf child. And we will also be publishing our findings from some requests for information to local authorities. We’re still collating the replies – but initial findings suggest that way too many local authorities have schools which have not met the government’s standards on acoustics and that urgent action is needed.

The aim of all of this to try and maximise the pressure on the Government to take this urgent action and specifically, introduce a new requirement for testing of schools for their acoustics.

The letters that our supporters are sending to their MPs are really making a difference because these same MPs are writing to Ministers at the Department for Children, Schools and Families to ask them what’s going on. The hope is that a bit more pressure will help us get what we want.

So if you haven’t already, now is the time to contact your MP! As always, it’s easy, quick and you don’t need to know your MP is.

At the time of writing, 295 people had already contacted their MP. It would be fantastic to push this over 300 and to start to edge up to 350…. A few quick clicks is all you need, starting here.

I’m now on leave for a week, but I’ll be blogging about attainment data and the latest on our acoustics campaign when I get back – so watch this space.


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