Disability benefits to be cut?

Last week, I started getting emails telling me there were 100 days left to save Disability Living Allowance benefits. Well, it got my attention. It started off as a trickle and then a deluge of emails. After some detective work, we saw that Benefits and Work have led a very effective campaign which has got – according to their website – 14000 people signed up for regular updates within a week. To give some context, around 400 people so far have taken action on acoustics for the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS). Frankly, I’m jealous.

So what’s prompted all of this? The Government has published a green paper – a fancy way of saying a consultation where the Government thinks aloud, rather than puts forward specific policy proposals – on reforming the funding for social care. Some of it looks quite interesting and these bits have been welcomed by some disability organisations. But it does suggest in very vague terms that the Government could consider ending disability benefits and using this to fund social care provision for severely disabled people.

The campaign has been very effective in raising an issue that might otherwise have been missed. But one downside is that it has got some parents of deaf children worrying that their Disability Living Allowance might literally end in 100 days. It won’t. It is highly unlikely anybody’s benefit will be cut in the short term. If the policy proposal does get pushed through, it is likely that there will be transitional arrangements in place.

That said, there is no room for complacency. NDCS will be responding to the green paper to say Disability Living Allowance, which many deaf children benefit from, needs to be protected. And NDCS is encouraging others to respond as well.

Let us know what you think of the campaign by leaving a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Disability benefits to be cut?

  1. Funding social care instead reduces us to state dependency with no avenue of empowerment. In reality there UK has not enough people to staff the care and it would cost a lot more than DLA which is mostly lower-rate and almost impossible for any to claim as well ! I’d look forward to 24/7 communication support ! being deaf, but I rather suspect the cost of that would frighten the state into silence themselves.

    What degree of ‘social care’ are they talking about ? who will decide what is adequate ? will it be linked to quality of life or anything ? there are 3 terps for every 100 deaf persons in the UK, the issue is, can they train the other 97 for the removal of DLA ? and that would still not cover support 24/7 because terps do not work 24 hours a day. so you need 2 or 3 terps for every deaf person to provide adequate cover, if we assume even the lowest estimate of deaf people at 50,000 that is 100,000 terps to be trained.

    We haven’t even covered at all other issues of lip-readers or hearing aid/CI people whose access is different OR health issues. There are simply not enough people in the UK they can train to do the social care, social workers are falling like flies and gone down two-thirds, NHS staff are worked to the floor, out-care was is a danger area, and deaf highly vulnerable to amateur support with no deaf skills…there is virtually little basic training involved for people. They are talking about money, and not about what to replace that with, so what’s new ?

    There is no system set up to train the people deaf need, and it still takes away the Independence we are all entitled to. DLA does not cover interpreter fees now nor, are there enough terps to do it in the main, they are going to off load all deaf support to hearing families ? If they want to cut benefits at least be honest about it, and not pretend they are going to offer us, what DLA couldn’t. WHy didn’t they do that before ? Have they suddenly devolped a social concience ? or found £6b somewhere ?

  2. why are you not trying to save your dla and or attendance allowence being scrapped soon ?
    sign petition online at http://www.politicalcripple.com join petition signing days make a petition signing day of your own visit the website for more details and events no more tiny tim act now ?

    please only reply with sensible answers if you dont want to loose dla then contact me now via http://www.politicalcripple.com i am just a individual who with the support of the website get my message as a carer out in to the public eye you can as well

    1 contact your mp
    2 sign petitions
    3 contact every media outlet today and every day untill they let you speak
    4 get thousands of signatures

  3. I realy am greatfull to what people like you are doing for deaf chindderen and thier familias, i have no idea of how to deal with politicians or the media but I will do what ever posiple that I can do to stop the govenrment scrabing DLA, and will do ehat what ever the campain is doing to make this posiple, so i will aprecaite sending me the information.

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