Greenwich youngsters win campaign victory on cinema access

Odeon GreenwichI heard a nice little story last week about how a group of deaf young people in south London decided to do something useful over the holidays and take action on one of my personal bugbears – lack of access to the cinema at convenient times.

The young people from Shooters Hill College and one of my colleagues from NDCS got together with the manager of Greenwich Odeon cinema to say how fed up they were that subtitled films were only being shown at rubbish times. And the result? They managed to win an agreement to a trial of more weekend screenings with occasional later screenings too. The trial will kick off in the week beginning the 5th September and you’ll be able to see times by going to the Odeon website or Your Local

A great result and well done to the young people involved. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of the review of the pilot in November. Hopefully a model for other groups of deaf children around the UK to folllow?


One thought on “Greenwich youngsters win campaign victory on cinema access

  1. I took my friend to the Odeon in Greenwich to watch ‘2012’ (Subtitled) on Thursday 10th December 2009 due to be shown at 8pm.
    When we arrived, the floor manager informed us that the show was cancelled.
    We complained that it shouldn’t be advertised and then he lost his temper and used discriminating behaviour towards us by speaking to us as if we were children and told us to listen to him. This was done without any reasonable adjustments as requested by the Disability Discrimination Act.
    We asked if he could speak slowly but was ignored.
    I explain that he must adjust his mode of communication by speaking clearly or write it down or get an interpreter otherwise he was discriminating and breaking the law.
    The manager accused us of discriminating against him said he attended a deaf awareness course but couldn’t sign and was not aware of our needs.
    I suspect the floor manager on duty that evening was not expecting us to turn up and was caught out.
    I’m sure other members of the staff were keen to resolve this but somehow were prevented from doing so, all because this man is NOT deaf aware.

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