Tweeting for deaf children

Exciting days as I get to grips with new-fangled technology – Twitter! We have a new twitter account at c4dc. I feel very modern. It all started a while back when we were thinking of the different ways in which people might like to get information about our campaigns – and figured that a system involving short 140 character statements aka Tweets might be an option worth experimenting with for a trial period.

At first, I was a bit cynical about it all, and mindful of David Cameron’s views on this. But after a few days, and thanks to some help from NDCS‘s ever patient web-team, I’m now quite enjoying having a little mini-blog to play with. It’s a good opportunity to quickly highlight some of our campaigns work and issues that probably doesn’t merit a full blog. We also thought it might be a good way of getting feedback on things like points we might raise in a meeting coming up or views on a particular controversy.

And now I’m merrily tweeting away! The plan is to literally go to town with Twitter at the party political conferences coming up later this month with regular quick updates on who we’ve met, where we’ve been and what we’ve learnt. A way of giving our supporters up-to-the-moment information for those that want it.

You can read the tweets via the right hand column of this blog or become a proper follower at c4dc. ‘Campaigning for deaf children’ was too long so we acronymed it to cd4c. Any feedback or suggestions on any other good deaf tweets for us to follow would be great. Enjoy the tweets.


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