Government opens 30 new schools – but do they sound good for deaf children?

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Yesterday looked like a fun day for the Government; they appeared to be on a Cabinet-wide office day out when they collectively when to visit 30 schools between them. Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, seemed to cram in around five visits in one day. A man with stamina, or a beneficiary of a secret government cloning programme?

I had a bit of fun too, but without leaving my desk. Throughout the morning, I tweeted the various tweeting Ministers to ask them whether the shiny new schools they were visiting were accessible for deaf children and had good acoustics. This was done on a specially created Twitter discussion thread. It proved to be a surprising and direct way to get the Government’s attention and highlight our Sounds good? campaign for good acoustics in schools. Ed Balls tweeted back to say that he would get back to me on our concerns. Another Minister, Jim Knight, also responded.

My colleagues now fear I’ve become a tweeting addict…


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