Deaf children taking action for acoustics on the telly

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If you’re looking for an excuse to kick off your shoes and watch a bit of telly today even though you’re at work, don’t miss See Hear on BBC 2 at 1pm for the story of how a group of deaf young children came to Parliament to lobby MPs about why good acoustics are so important.

The event took place back in June – check out the NDCS website for more info about the event and the Sounds good? campaign.

I, for one, am going to be rooted to my screen…

Update (5.40pm) – Finally managed to watch it despite the best efforts of my work computer to frustrate my access BBC i-player. The story was great and the deaf young people were superstars. They explained the issue of poor acoustics and the personal impact this has on them far better than I ever could. One student said that when it was noisy and she couldn’t hear what was going on, she felt left out and upset. Another admitted that poor acoustics results in him being naughty in the classroom!

You can see the programme for yourself by going to BBC i-player. Happy viewing.


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