So what does it sound like for a deaf child in a school with rubbish acoustics?

As a campaigns officer, we’ve used a range of tools in our attempts to cajole Government into taking action on acoustics in schools for deaf children as part of the Sounds good? campaign. Two things, in particularly, have worked particularly well…

1) Deaf children explaining the personal impact of poor acoustics in their own words. You can now see the BBC2 See Hear feature on acoustics on youtube. Some of the children’s comments are really powerful – like how poor acoustics makes them feel lonely and left out in the classroom. Recommended viewing.

2) A sound simulation of what it sounds like for deaf children when they’re in a classroom with poor acoustics. We used this to powerful effect at the parliamentary event we did back in June where a group of deaf children demonstrated the simulation to MPs. The simulation is now available on our website for everyone to listen for themselves. It is just a simulation – but it gives a powerful indication into how much harder it is for deaf children to listen and learn in the classroom. As one of my colleagues said, it’s a real “ear” opener.

The campaign is now moving into a new phase, and there’ll be new campaign action soon. Watch this space…

UPDATE! (11/9/09) We’ve just launched a new campaign action. We’re asking our supporters to contact the Children’s Minister, Baroness Morgan, to agree a change to the law on acoustics. We want to make sure all new schools get tested for their acoustics before they open. So if you want to help make sure deaf children don’t feel left out in the classrom, take action now!


2 thoughts on “So what does it sound like for a deaf child in a school with rubbish acoustics?

  1. Good move, Ian.

    Every parent, teacher, local authority worker, architect, MP, should be made to sit still and watch this video…

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