NDCS campaigns at Labour conference 2009: day 1

The travelling circus has now arrived in Brighton for the Labour party conference. It’s been a fantastically sunshiny day which has put the whole NDCS campaigns team in a good mood in advance of our meetings with MPs tomorrow.

I will be backing off a bit to let our special star guest, young deaf person, Louis Kissaun, take centre stage. Louis will be telling MPs about his own experiences growing up deaf and what he wants the Government to do to make things better for deaf children. He will be too modest to talk about it, so I will be butting in to mention his fantastic starring role in the Channel 4 programme Shameless and his academic success so far. I’m looking forward to it and am certain he will really hammer home the point to MPs that deaf children can achieve anything they want, providing the Government makes sure the necessary support is provided. It will hopefully have a big impact on our campaign.

Image courtesy of www.eastsideboxing.com
Image courtesy of http://www.eastsideboxing.com

And we’ll also be doing a bit of celebrity spotting. Totally unexpectedly, we saw the boxer Chris Eubank in the conference pass office earlier. Maybe he’s here to challenge Gordon to a fight? You heard it here first…

As always, we’ll be blogging and tweeting throughout so come back for regular updates.


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