Tweeting with Ed Balls

Ed BallsI’ve been tweeting for around a month now and still finding my way around it all. But one of the things that I’ve been wondering about is who does the tweeting for the Ministers and MPs who have their own Twitter accounts?

I have now received not one but two tweets from Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Childrens, Schools and Families. Which certainly livens up my office on a Monday morning. But the cynical part of me couldn’t help thinking that it wasn’t really him and was surely just a work experience student in his office…

Well, my cynicism is ill-founded this time. At Channel 4’s first ever “twinge” at the Labour party conference, Ed Balls said that everybody doubts the authenticity but that he does in fact do all of his own tweets.

An unexpected benefit of Twitter; direct access to Ministers…

I don’t quite have the kudos of Ed Balls, but if you want to be in with a chance of a tweet from me, I’m at!


One thought on “Tweeting with Ed Balls

  1. Spotted your comment about Tweeting, it’s interesting to see how American politicians have embraced Twitter from The White House to Arnie to local Mayors.
    In the UK 10 Downing Street has an account and even Boris Johnson has one too.
    The reason I know this is that I follow Twitter‘s beta programme for verified accounts to stop all the fakes out there. My blog lists are here at WordPress
    Hope you find time to check out other famous names.

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