Lobbying Conservatives on deaf children: day 1

The NDCS campaigns team has arrived up north to Manchester for the Conservative party conference – and I already have a mission for the rest of the conference: to find out what the Conservatives plans are on Access to Work, and what they think of the fact that disabled young people doing voluntary work or unpaid internships cannot claim Access to Work.

I got asked to raise this via my Twitter, so I duly went to a fringe meeting with Theresa May, the Conservatives Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and asked a question about Access to Work. And got no reply. To be fair, the moderator also took around 9 other questions at the same time so it may just have been overlooked. But still… I will now be stalking Shadow Ministers until I get an answer!

And we’ll also be introducing our guest deaf young person, TV star, Louis Kissaun to Conservative MPs and candidates from tomorrrow. As always, you can get the latest via the c4dc twitter account, and from this blog.


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