NDCS’s plans for the general election

Image courtesy of http://www.politics.co.uk

So what is the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) planning to do for the UK general election? My suggestion that we go all radical and throw custard over politicians or get a group of young deaf terrorists to kidnap the Queen, seem to have been quietly ignored. Instead, here are some details of NDCS’s plans:

1) Drafting a pledge and asking politicians to sign it to show their support for deaf children. And then getting NDCS supporters to lobby their local candidates about the pledge so that as many politicians sign it as possible. If the politicians get elected, NDCS will “remind” them of their promises to support deaf children.

2) Producing introductory briefing papers for politicians new to deafness, and also special information factsheets for every constituency. The idea is to make it local for all candidates so they can see why their support for deaf children is needed where they live.

3) Monitoring the manifestos to see what the political parties are promising on education, health, social care, etc. A group of young deaf people have already interrogated leading MPs from each party to ask about their future plans to support deaf children.

All of this stuff is going to be placed on NDCS’s web in a special election section.

What else do you reckon NDCS should be doing in the run-up to the general election?

PS NDCS does not advocate throwing custard over politicians or kidnapping the Queen.


3 thoughts on “NDCS’s plans for the general election

  1. How many deaf VOTE ? Kidnapping the Queen is a bad idea, as she has no influence on politics anyway, the government rules not her. Kidnapping David Cameron and George what’s his name might be worthwhile, but who would ever pay a ransom for these losers ? Pledges sadly are wasted effort, they never keep them. I could point out deaf awareness has systematically failed for 20 years too. we don’t need to make politicians aware but the man in the street, we are more likely to meet them than any politician who will all VANISH once they are elected. You need a concerted media approach, like withdraw ALL deaf children from schools until they listen. Nottingham deaf lay down in the road to block traffic, deaf need to be seen back on the street campaigning, and get off their bums on the computer, playing with facebook and twitter. Charity campaign parents campaigning, but NOT a deaf adult in sight !

  2. Let’s put the NDCS on the spot Ian, will they or WON’T They condemn the catholic church and the Pope for generations of abusing deaf children ? Time to stand up and be counted I think… I’ve asked them. Be interesting to see if they chicken out… NOTHING Less than a public condemnation will do.

    • Well, this is a personal blog of a deaf campaigns officer who happens to work for NDCS, and the views expressed in this are mine, not NDCS’s.

      But if you look at NDCS’s Child Protection policy where it says that it is never acceptable for deaf children to be abused.

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