Are we making deaf children matter in the general election?

Image courtesy of NDCS

Well, the National Deaf Children’s Society’s campaign to make deaf children matter at the general election has been live now for nearly 2 weeks. So how many candidates have signed the NDCS election pledge for deaf children so far?

A whopping 440. All this has come about because nearly 692 NDCS supporters have sent out 2023 emails to candidates between them. A really good start.

Notable signatories include Michael Gove, the shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families for the Conservatives and David Cameron’s right-hand man. Michael’s sister is deaf so it’s great that he’s bringing his own personal experience of deafness to the election campaign.

Sadiq Khan, Minister for Transport, is the first Cabinet Minister to sign the pledge. As he was my own MP in the last Parliament, I’m quite relieved I’ve managed to get my own local candidates on board.

And Norman Lamb, Shadow Secretary of State for Health for the Liberal Democrats has also lent his support, along with Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green party and many other Green candidates.

What’s been great about reading the comments from candidates who’ve signed the pledge is realising just how many have their own personal connection with deafness. Stephen Lloyd, Lib Dem candidate for Eastbourne, is hearing impaired himself. Others have a long history of working with children with special educational needs, like Pat Glass, Labour candidate for North West Durham. Many others are just keen to make sure that deafness isn’t an invisible disability in the next Parliament.

The full list of candidates who’ve signed the pledge can be found here, if you want to see who else is on it.

All of this is a great start, but there are still loads more candidates to sign up. Around 3000 more if my back of the envelope calculation is anything to go by. So it’s important that NDCS supporters keep writing in to their own local candidates. If you’ve already emailed, why not email again to remind them? After all, if you can’t stalk you own local candidates during an election period, when can you stalk them?

If you want to email your candidates, just pop along to this website. Only takes around 3 minutes. I did mine while I was waiting for the kettle to boil.

Have you had any interesting comments from your candidates? If so, please let us know and leave a comment below.


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