The amazing Major Phil Packer

Image courtesy of Help for Heroes

I did the London Marathon a couple of years ago in what I thought was a non too shabby time for the National Deaf Children’s Society and felt pretty amazing for it. And then I hear about someone like Phil Packer and suddenly feel very humble.

Despite being severely injured during the Iraq war, last year, the ex-solider completed the marathon in crutches in two weeks, raising loads of money to help those in need. This year, he’s looking to do the same this Sunday, but with a difference – 26 miles in 26 hours for 26 charities. Each mile is being dedicated to a charity that helps disadvantaged young people across the UK.

I feel doubly humble to hear that mile 3 is being dedicated to the National Deaf Children’s Society. Jade, a 17 year old deaf young person, will be completing the 3rd marathon alongside Phil.

In a time when heroes are few on the ground, Phil is a really inspiring man. I’ll be there on Sunday morning to cheer him and Jade on.

If you’d like to donate money for Phil’s third mile, you can do so here.


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