Update: the amazing Major Phil Packer completes the London Marathon

Phil Packer did it! 26 miles in 26 hours for 26 different charities. A whopping achievement given the severe injuries he picked up in the Iraq war.

After blogging about it last week, I popped along on Sunday morning to see Phil walk the 3rd mile with deaf young person Jade, for the National Deaf Children’s Society. It was great to meet him in person, a really warm, friendly and open person. He was in good spirits and making great progress. He was also very keen to find out more about Jade and her experiences of being deaf.

And from what I’ve heard from Jade, she had a great time too. She managed to persuade Phil to come and visit her school and also managed to get some free NDCS-branded trainers out of the event! She was a great ambassador for NDCS.

Phil completed the marathon yesterday morning. I hope he’s having a good long rest now! If you’d like to donate in light of his massive achievement, visit the NDCS website.

But enough of me waffling on, what did Jade have to say?

“I really enjoyed meeting Phil Packer. It was a fascinating day even when it rained. The moment I met Phil, it was specific moment that was filled with positive mixture emotions I had because I always wanted to meet famous people. However, Phil was a hero, he went to war and fought bravely, unfortunately he got injured during the war in Iraq.

When I saw him, I cant imagine how painful it must be for him to be injured, however I am glad that he is rehabilitating and recovering nevertheless. When I walked with him for a mile it felt like I was walking for 5mins – time flies. When I talked to him about my experience overcome of my deafness, I mention about Mary Hare Grammar School where I currently study at the moment. Once he heard positive things about that school. He said he would come and visit real soon, not like couple of month but couple of weeks!!

During the walk, trainers and t-shirt was provided free! The moment they opened the box of new trainers it was sparkling new with pink and white colour which was matched to my scarf! It was amazing and marvellous because I wasn’t expecting this. I was filmed by BBC throughout the walk and it represents to people that he was determined to walk 26miles. We had conversation all the way non stop. We also had funny times such as yelling each other not to walk under the sign because i believe it was bad luck, it same as walking under the ladder. Me and Phil and his team laughed as I say “Don’t walk under it! Walk around it!”

Overall, I really appreciated this event and Phil because he is supporting young people with disability problems and he is trying to raise awareness. Phil is planning to open a “Youth Centre” his own business for young people who have problems to go to this location to meet other people who may have the same problems. It would make a massive change to young people’s life, it would make it better and exceptional future.”

I think Phil Packer deserves huge thanks and admiration for all of his work to raise money for disadvantaged children. A really inspiring guy.


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