Enjoy the NDCS pub quiz – from the comfort of your desk!

Well, last Wednesday’s fundraising pub quiz – that I mentioned last week – was great fun. Such was the excitement that I was unable to write about it for a few days.

I researched and came up with the questions myself so took an evil pleasure in watching people’s brains nearly explode as they tried to think of the right answers. The rounds ranged from deaf trivia, geography, guess the flavour of the crisps, Where’s Mr. Monkey been? (with photos) and a Missing Words round with articles featuring NDCS. As you can see from the photo, Mr Monkey had fun tallying up the scores. The winning team’s achievement – by a close margin of 1 and a half points – was all the more impressive when you consider that their team name was ‘Team Hungover’.

Best of all? We managed to raise over £350 for the National Deaf Children’s Society’s work to break down barriers holding deaf children back. And I’m a little closer to raising the £5,000 for my team’s 3 Peaks Challenge in July.

But the fun doesn’t quite end here. In response to overwhelming popular demand, I’ve decided to put the pub quiz questions online so that a wider audience can enjoy them and rack their brains over questions like why the people of Hartlepool hung a poor little monkey to death. To see them, download them now.

The only catch is that if you want to know the answers, you’ll have to make a donation – of any amount – to NDCS via our 3 Peaks Challenge fundraising page! Once you’ve done that, just email me at iannoon@hotmail.com with Pub quiz in the subject heading box and I’ll email you the answers 🙂 If you’ve already made a donation, then skip the first step and just email me direct.

I hope you enjoy the questions and good luck!

PS For obvious reasons, you would have to have been there to enjoy the Guess the Flavour of the Crisps round, so sorry about that.


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