The calm before Deaf Awareness Week

Next week is going to be all about me. And the other 8,999,999 people who are deaf or hard of hearing in the UK.

Yes, it’s Deaf Awareness Week and this year’s theme is “Look at me”. The idea is to talk about simple deaf awareness tips throughout the week – like facing deaf people when you talk. And, of course, by looking at deaf people, you can finally find out one way or another whether deafness really is an invisible disability.

I’ve been busy at the National Deaf Children’s Society gearing up for it. The main focus of our work is a parliamentary reception next week where deaf children and young people will be part of a group educating and testing MPs on their deaf awareness. NDCS is joining forces with RNID and the UK Council of Deafness for the event.

For NDCS, the whole thing is a follow-up from the NDCS election pledge work. 223 MPs committed to making deaf children matter. Now is their opportunity to find out how.

I’ll be blogging throughout Deaf Awareness Week about what’s going on, and NDCS will also be encouraging supporters to get involved. So watch this space.

In the meantime, what are you up to for Deaf Awareness Week? Leave a comment below to let us know.

PS You can also get the latest via the NDCS UK twitter account – so get tweeting!


10 thoughts on “The calm before Deaf Awareness Week

  1. No it’s not , it is about charity plugging their wares…. I certainly will NOT be participating in awareness week so make that 8,999,998 no, make that 20 fewer at 9,999,978 our deaf club membership isn’t bothering either….. last year less than 50 people in ALL Wales (deaf), took active part in awareness week, the rest were charity organised things. They don’t include deaf adults anyway,because deaf children evoke more sympathy. When they are adult they will realise how they are being used and drop out.

  2. Thanks for your comment but I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    In terms of participation, the event that NDCS and RNID are running will have a large number of deaf adults and children present who have been asked to come to speak to MPs directly about their own experiences and their own communication tips. Hopefully, lots of other deaf people will be ignoring what you’ve suggested and taking the opportunity to make the most of Deaf Awareness Week.

    In Wales, lots of deaf children have participated in creating a deaf awareness poster which will be launched next week. More info to follow.

    It’s a shame you won’t be participating.

    • I tend to agree with MM as I see RNID seem more aware of hard of hearing than Deaf like myself, all about sell sell sell, I met RNID ahile ago, when I TOLD HIM i WAS pROFOUNDLY DEAF , ZILTCH, zero, nothing, he just handed over leaflets…no Sign no lip reading no finger spelling…..Adult deaf get outta here….

      Oh and I was only profoundly Deaf at this event ???

  3. I don’t think its a shame that MM Isn’t participating, being positive and setting a good example to the next generation is important. Being aware and involving children of all ages whether hearing or deaf has got to be a good thing..
    Deaf Awareness Week has nothing to do with charity, its a podium for us to show we have a positive, productive attitude and perfectly normal lives. It about opportunities, understanding and exposure.

    Forget the medical model, and adopt a social model…one with a “role” contained!

    Its not all about you, ya know lol

  4. And Normal lives ??? my life is still FAR FAR from normal….Im sorry but I beg to differ….positive yes, Normal NO….

    There is a difference between H.O.H and wearing hearing aids to having nothing….

  5. It would be interesting to see how many are DEAF, and not wearing hearing aids……yes that would be interesting indeed…

  6. And my answer is big YES to it being a disability, communications and being left ALONE, it is a disability and NOBODY would convince me any other way, loss of bodily functions is a disability? theer is so many different aspects of deafness, Deafness with bad balance and tinnitus..deafness is hard life with hearing people. and it will NEVER CHANGE…..

  7. So the RNID and NDCS are NOT charities ? better not inform the charity commission ! Positivity is not making deaf children dependent on begging… and to know their rights are for them and not at the whim of ‘benefactors’. The RNID is the United Kingdom’s BIGGEST supporter of the medical model of deafness, it’s our own A G Bell….. I still have the video of the RNID CEO rubbishing the deaf social model, it was on BBC’s SEE HEAR so its on record.. rubbish they suggest social models ! why lie to deaf children ?

  8. Thanks Gargly for your comment – couldn’t agree more.

    MM, as you well know, I can’t speak for RNID and I believe they are entitled to their own view of deafness. Whilst I work for NDCS, this is a personal blog so neither am I a spokesperson for NDCS.

    But I will say that as a deaf person myself, I would not work for a charity that made deaf children “dependent on begging”. In fact, I find that offensive. One of NDCS’s central goals is to empower deaf children and young people – through special activity weekends, training programmes to teach them how to campaign for themselves, a new website providing information and advice (, and much more.

    NDCS is working in Deaf Awareness Week to help give deaf children and young people a platform to tell MPs what’s important to them. We have a range of deaf children and young people of varying levels of deafness with different communication approaches, including BSL users. Full communication support is being provided. We are encouraging them, but they will be speaking about what’s important to them, not us.

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