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Deaf Awareness Week in Wales

Posted by Ian Noon on June 29, 2010

Image courtesy of NDCS

Deaf Awareness Week is being celebrated across the UK and over in Wales, NDCS Cymru has been busy asking lots of young deaf children to draw up images of their own deaf awareness and communication tips. The end result is a rather snazzy poster, which is now being sent out to every school in Wales. Hopefully, teachers will put the posters up so that they and pupils alike can see for themselves what matters for deaf children.

You can also see their images via a special slideshow on the NDCS website.

It’s great to see that so many deaf children in Wales got involved, and gave their own views and tips and NDCS will be showing these tips to MPs at a special deaf awareness week reception tomorrow. If you’d like NDCS to mention any good deaf awareness / communication tips you might have, then please send these in – you can either email them to, tweet us or leave a comment below. Keep them coming!


4 Responses to “Deaf Awareness Week in Wales”

  1. MM said

    You’re learning Ian…..

  2. MM said

    But access for welsh speakers might help as the poster is in north Wales:

    Wythnos Ymwybyddiaeth o’r Byddar yn cael ei ddathlu ar draws y DU a thros yng Nghymru, NDCS Cymru wedi bod yn llawer yn gofyn prysur o blant byddar ifanc i lunio delweddau o ymwybyddiaeth eu hunain fyddar a awgrymiadau cyfathrebu. Y canlyniad yw poster smart iawn, sydd bellach yn cael ei anfon i bob ysgol yng Nghymru. Gobeithio, bydd athrawon yn rhoi y posteri i fyny fel eu bod yn gallu a disgyblion fel ei gilydd yn gweld drostynt eu hunain pa faterion ar gyfer plant byddar.

    Gallwch hefyd weld eu delweddau drwy slideshow arbennig ar y wefan NDCS.

    Mae’n wych gweld bod y plant byddar fel lawer yng Nghymru i, ac a roddodd eu barn eu hunain a Bydd cyngor a NDCS yn dangos y cynghorion hyn i ASau mewn derbyniad arbennig yr wythnos ymwybyddiaeth o fyddardod yfory.

  3. Ian Noon said

    Thanks MM. If you’re referring to the poster, if you look at the 2nd page you will see that this is in Welsh.

  4. MM said

    Now all you have to do is educate the deaf to understand it….. it will give us taffies a rest from the sign using deaf demanding English all the time…

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