Deaf Awareness Week in Parliament

Image courtesy of NDCS

The NDCS/RNID parliamentary reception on Wednesday was a huge success. 57 MPs came, the deaf children, young people and adults were fantastic and the cakes were lovely.

I was in charge of making sure the deaf children and young people were fully involved, but I was barely needed. They were hugely confident and assertive in telling MPs about the importance of deaf awareness and what action they wanted MPs to take. They were so good and so confident, that it was a bit scary to be honest.

Lots of photos were taken which are now winging their way to local media across the UK. Hopefully, this will get the message about deaf awareness far and wide.

Overall, it’s been a great Deaf Awareness Week. Lots of NDCS supporters have been sending in their thoughts and tips, and we also took the opportunity to share these with MPs.

It’s a shame we have to wait a whole year now for the next Deaf Awareness Week, really…


2 thoughts on “Deaf Awareness Week in Parliament

  1. WHY do we have to wait a year for DEAF AWARENESS WEEK, I think we can , If we can shout out DEAF AWARENESS ALL YEAR ROUND.. IT DOESNT HAVE TO STOP……

    Nope we can ALL SHOUT IT out all year round 🙂

  2. There would be NO deaf awareness week but for charity. Grass roots can best make people aware by not harping on about it all the time… and getting out there and making more effort to be flexible, and stop using deafness an excuse. As you pointed out we don’t have to wait once a year for others to do it. In fact most deaf do NOT do at all…. we gave up on charity years ago….

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