New blog from deaf young person

I have competition: a young deaf person, who did some work experience for the National Deaf Children’s Society recently, has set up her own blog, called Feel the Breeze. Already she’s been talking about subtitles, the underground and Ryanair – which incidentally happen to be the three things that most often turn me into an angry deaf man, so it’s good to see I’m not alone.

It’s a great to see an example of a deaf young blog with deaf young people speaking directly for themselves. Hopefully, I will be seeing lots more.

Any other good young deaf blogs that are worth following?


One thought on “New blog from deaf young person

  1. I’m young and deaf..whether my blog is good is a matter of opinion 😛 But I do think blogging is empowering in the sense that I feel more obligated to advocate for myself.

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