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Memo to the BBC: your promotional DVDs…

Posted by Ian Noon on October 7, 2010

If you are going to send me – a deaf person working in a deaf organisation in a role that involves campaigning for the rights of deaf children and young people – a marketing DVD about “oustanding children’s content” from CBeebies and CBBC, along with a covering letter that states BBC has a responsibility to produce content “in a language and style our young audiences will understand”, you may want to consider putting subtitles on the DVD.

Just a thought.

UPDATE (8/10/10): Following this blog, the BBC sent me a very nice email apologising and explaining that the DVD was a limited print run of DVDs for key stakeholders, and that all programmes shown were subtitled when shown on TV (as is all BBC content on their main channels) and on commercially available DVDs. I’ve also been promised another DVD with subtitled content. It’s much appreciated that the BBC have taken the time to respond in this way.


3 Responses to “Memo to the BBC: your promotional DVDs…”

  1. Oh dear 😦

  2. Y F said


    Which promo DVD was this? Published by BBC themselves?



    • Ian Noon said

      It was called “The Creative Pick: Programmes we didn’t want you to miss” and was published by BBC. Don’t think it is publicly available, just sent to a few stakeholders.

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