Celebrating Christmas and helping deaf children

Image courtesy of NDCS

Ahh. Christmas is coming. I know this to be true because Santa Claus has suddenly started appearing on my cans of coke.

And I see the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) is getting into the spirit of things by launching a lovely new range of Christmas cards. I’m told they’re selling fast so if you want in, visit www.ndcs.org.uk/christmas and take your pick.

NDCS is also launching a range of gifts that you can give for those who would rather know they’re making a difference, but who have already done the whole buying a goat thing. A gift of just £20 could provide a family with a starter bag of deaf-friendly toys and books to help them learn how to communicate.

And while I’m here plugging Christmas, get the 10th December, 7 to 8pm in the diary. NDCS is again returning to Trafalgar Square for the traditional signed Christmas carols and to spread some winter warmth.

95% of NDCS’s work is funded by charitable donations. This helps NDCS to, for example, campaign for deaf children. So you can help support this and celebrate Christmas at the same time, and all at www.ndcs.org.uk/christmas.

If anyone from the QVC channel is watching, I’m available to hire any weekday evenings.


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