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Cuts watch survey – protecting services for deaf children

Posted by Ian Noon on February 1, 2011

One of the key parts of my job – besides drinking gratuitous amounts of sugary tea – is collecting evidence to support our campaign work. And with the cuts coming, NDCS has been doing a lot of work over the past month to develop a survey using some fancy survey monkey software. No actual monkeys are involved, which is a shame, but there are a range of questions aiming to tease out from parents of deaf children across the UK:

1) Why specialist support services for deaf children are important;
2) What would happen if these services were cut; and
3) What cuts are happening already.

The results will be used in my campaigns work to lobby the purse-holders not to touch funding for specialist support services for deaf children.

The survey hasn’t been out long but nearly 500 parents have responded which is fantastic. But I’m hoping and working to get it up even higher. Maybe even up to a thousand? The more responses, the more I’ll be able to bang the results over the head of the purse-string holders until they agree that actually, yeah, it’s not a good idea to cut services for deaf children who are already among the most educationally disadvantaged kids around today.

Any bright ideas on promoting the survey to parents of deaf children much appreciated.

Watch this space for details of the survey results.


3 Responses to “Cuts watch survey – protecting services for deaf children”

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  2. Karen said

    Hi Ian

    Did you advertise this survey on some of the forums NDCS, Cochlear Implants, BAHA etc on Facebook, Twitter? or on the Deaf Forums on Yahoo Groups?

    Voluntary Receptionist at NDCS

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