Is the Prime Minister keeping his promises on help for disabled children?

One of my favourite campaigning organisations, Every Disabled Child Matters, have launched a new campaign action. They are asking people to write to the Prime Minister to give some good news to families with disabled children for Christmas.

In the days before David Cameron was busy pulling hissy fits in Europe, he promised that he would “never do anything that would hurt disabled children.”

This begs the question why the Government is pushing ahead with changes to disability benefits that effectively amount to a 50% cut in help for families with disabled children. As Every Disabled Child Matters explain, currently, low income and out of work families who claim DLA on behalf of their child are entitled to a ‘disability addition’ worth £53.62 per week. Families with a child in receipt of the high rate care component of DLA also receive a ‘top up addition’ worth an additional £21 per week. Proposals under the Universal Credit will see lower benefit ‘additions’ drop by over 50%. It might not seem much but to families already struggling without support, this may push them over the edge.

The worse thing? By the Government’s own admission, this change won’t have any impact on the overall benefit bill. That’s right, the cuts are completely unnecessary.

I’m fast becoming somewhat disillusioned about the widening gap between what the Government say and do on help for deaf and other disabled children. If there’s ever a time for cynicism to be dashed, it’s just before Christmas. So fingers crossed, the Government come up with a better gift for disabled children in the UK today.


One thought on “Is the Prime Minister keeping his promises on help for disabled children?

  1. He is not keeping promises at all. 54% of vital child support services have already gone in my area. Including respite options, special need education placings and carer support. He is waging a war on the nation’s most vulnerable and ‘unproductive’ sector. Deaf clubs have also been closed down so deaf kids have nowhere in future to go except the pub. Deaf MH support has been refused in Wales too, so we export the deaf with issues to England instead. I can tell you it will get WORSE. He must be thanking God he can blame the Europeans now.

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