Government turns their back on deaf children

Maria Miller MP, Disability Minister

One thing that has always made me feel angry is that the way that deaf people are forced to “cope”. Other disabled people are much worse off. But deafness still poses huge barriers. In a civilised society, deaf people shouldn’t have to go through life “coping”. Deaf people need support to help them become independent and thrive and to manage the additional costs that come with being a deaf person in a world that still isn’t set up for deaf people.

Tonight, MPs have voted to cut benefits for deaf children. Where families with deaf children receive tax credits, some were entitled to “disability additions”. These additions are going to be cut by half, at a cost of £1,400 a year, to some families. A briefing by Every Disabled Child Matters explains more.

Lords tried to overturn it last night. Baroness Wilkins made a powerful speech about the impact of this cut on deaf children. But MPs – including a large number who signed a National Deaf Children’s Society pledge to support deaf children – have voted to ignore the Lords, close any further discussion of it and proceed with a cut to help for deaf and other disabled children.

Yes, we are in difficult financial times. But I don’t remember reading anywhere that deaf children caused the global economic recession.

Yes, other disabled people need more support. But I think all disabled people would say that this shouldn’t be at cost of support for deaf children. Anyone who thinks that deafness is “disability-lite” needs to see the world through the eyes of a deaf child struggling and their parents.

Yes, deaf people can succeed in life and do well. But I don’t think the Government should accept that “coping” is a fair way for deaf people to live their lives.

This is going to have a devastating impact on many families with deaf children and push many into poverty. The Government is trying to balance the budget on the backs of deaf children. It’s just wrong.


14 thoughts on “Government turns their back on deaf children

  1. so wrong that is sick i belive the goverment dont understand the full of awake of deaf children who have a diffcult life that is sick

    • It is hard work to sort deaf children make better their future, why cant government understand it?. It always again again make them deaf aware cos they wont there with deaf.. It make them think deaf children are okay but not that much okay, more then that!!!

      • I wish David Cameron’s children all deaf, find himself more work and hard control because he can’t use sign languages, he only thinking of himself. David is very selfish man,I aqm not only one to say.

      • defin agree with excelty i am deaf myself it make me ever so angry and shocked i have feel sorry for their parents who brought up a hard work with deaf child like me i hope the government to change their mind ..yes u r right they think deaf are normal but it is not and cant hear , communication, etc what if the government have deaf children i am sure they will realise…it make me so cross

  2. maria miller MP, disability minister spoke to house of commons about deaf children. i was godsmacked what she said about deaf people. She knew nothing about what deaf people are like!!! She couldnt sign language, when she learns sign language afterwards. She will cry on the way to the bank. I think she never attend to deaf society of schools , clubs, other etcs. Maria is out of order and get lost her job now. She may go back to the basic of beginner course. She spoke fake as she want to keep her role of her security job. Every parents have their right to their own deaf child what parents need, not to maria miller MP. I think maria dont like sign language. “Deaf” mean lossing hear. Sign language need to communicate at person to person. Hearing aids means only sounds, not copy words from radio, t.v. mobile, t.v. other etcs. Deaf people have good visions, Look at millions of deaf people to the worldwide. I am profoundly deaf since birth. I come from republic of ireland. There is no deaf person MP there. Someday??????

  3. I would like if the gov have child who born deaf or turn deaf and see how they “cope” and they should try go out and spents the day with them. They just making thing gone bad to worst in england… They dont care about us, coz they got loade of money and job and that. They make me sick….


  5. I am Profoundly Deaf since born, I grew up with hearing family, It is NOT easy to living with Hearing people…. It is hard being Deaf, go to doctor and no interpreter when I was young, I has to bring my mum with me

    I am in late 20s and no job, bec it’s hard for me… If they think Deaf children are normal, I would like to sent 10 Deaf children to live with them for a month to see how can they cope it, I am sure they will find its hard to cope bec it is not easy to live to with Deaf people! I knows bec my parents are Hearing!

    Disappointment with the government!

  6. government is such inconsiderate, they just care about other stuff especially money. government wont have any dignity left if he carry on like this. They think deaf people is interior, it really is not fair. we are basically a outsider people

  7. I think it time for the fat cats to cut down on thier wage, as it is far too much for doing nothing, just sit on thier backside. It would be good idea for them to wear earplugs for the day to find out what it like being deaf as I did use this method for teaching BSL, so they will be more aware. Oh it make me so angry!!!!

  8. myself im deaf and that is a disagree i ever had it shameful i ever heard im on dla small money i have to be accpetful i couldnt appel for more money bec they say if i do i will lost dla for life

  9. oh no, you’re wrong MPs, i’m a deaf person in early 20s and i was forced to drop out of uni because my notetakers and signers didn’t turn up. what do you think i get benefit for, yes, its for all those support that i needed to access anything, such as public transport, interpreters for doctors, dentists, hospital, and all sorts, and telephone service. however, when i was a child, tony blair decided to shut down many deaf schools across the uk and left thousands of children (including me) stranded and was forced to go into mainstream school… says we will cope…well actually i couldn’t cope 10 years of schooling with the bullying from those young nasty children who are different from us. when i was a young teenager i didn’t want my father to come into doctor with me but i had no choice because i needed someone to come with me to communicate. where is my private, and where is my access? well parents do deserve a benefit for their deaf children to provide everything as they can to make the children feel included in everything. rant over.

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