They call me Ian, for that is my name. I’ve been profoundly deaf since birth which gives me a personal perspective on what needs to change for deaf children and young people in the UK. It also means I have very questionable taste in music.

This photo you see to the right of the screen is indeed me, many years ago. Despite what the photo suggests, I am not the secret love child of Boris Johnson.

When I’m not stealing the biscuits in the office, I do lots of running, yoga, taking photos and trying not (but generally failing) to say anything inappropriate on Twitter. I’m also a keen backpacker and am always planning a trip away somewhere exotic.

Incidentally, if any of my colleagues are reading this, my favourite biscuit is chocolate digestive. Thank you.

I’m genuinely proud to work for the National Deaf Children’s Society where I help look after policy, research and campaigns stuff. I quite often talk about my work there in this blog. But all opinions expressed in this blog are solely mine and do not reflect the views of NDCS. My boss is in no way responsible for content of linked external sites. Linking does not imply in any way that I or they agree with any opinions expressed. So if I say or do anything naughty, don’t blame my boss.

PS This is my blog so my rules. I’m a big believer in big fiery debates and free speech. I believe people should be free to make up their own minds on contentious issues. But any posts which a) swear a lot or b) gratuitously insult other organisations or people for the sake of it won’t be accepted and repeat offenders will be blocked.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ian! As a hearing mom of a deaf 5-year-old, I completely appreciate this article! Gabe has bi-modal hearing (CI & HA), and I know he works hard every day; he’s amazing. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to print this article and give it to his teacher when he starts kindergarten in the fall. Hearing people can’t possibly understand what it’s like, and I believe your perspective can really help. Thank you!

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