Leading politician reminisces on cochlear implants

I admit it, I’m a wibbly-wobbly flip-flopping Guardian reader. And whilst reading the paper on Saturday, I noticed that George Osborne, shadow Chancellor for the Conservative party, was doing some quick-fire questions and was asked: “in your role as an MP, of what are you most proud?”

The answer? “The individual victories for constituents. Recently, my office finally got a young boy the ear implant his family had been campaigning for.”

Image courtesy of Knutsford Guardian

The boy in question is Matthew (pictured left in photo) whose family successfully went to war against local health bosses who had refused to fund a second cochlear implant and dragged their feet on it for an eternity, even though the boy had a legal entitlement to the procedure. A Family Officer from the National Deaf Children’s Society supported the family in their legal battle and the story got featured in the other Guardian – the Knutsford Guardian back in January.

Really interesting to see it’s one of the most memorable local cases for George. And a nice example of how getting a Member of Parliament involved can make a big difference to local campaigns.

PS If you want to make sure that your future MP will support deaf children, why not ask him/her to sign the NDCS election pledge for deaf children?