5 reasons to stop what you’re doing and write to your MP

I’ve been looking at some of our internal statistics… and more people seem to be reading my blog than writing to their MP to tell him/her about our campaign!

So for this post, I’d like to encourage you to write to your MP about our Must do better! campaign report. Get him/her to ask the Department for Children, Schools and Families to implement the recommendations of our report.

Click here to write to your MP. Or here. Here will do as well.

Still unpersuaded? Here are five good reasons to write to your MP.

1) We have special software on our website that makes it quick and easy for you to do this. If it takes you longer than 5 minutes, I’ll give you a Malteser to compensate you for your time.

2) You don’t need to know who your MP. Just type in your details and we’ll work it out. We promise not to tell anyone that you don’t know.

3) We write a draft letter for you so you don’t have to do any work. You can just email it straightaway at the click of the button or you can print it off, sign it and pop it in the post. And if you want to personalise the letter so you sound less like me, you can do that too.

4) You’ll help us make a difference. MPs do take notice of these things. They’re scared of you because you can drive them out of a job. So you can use that power to get MPs to take notice of the fact that deaf children are being let down. The more MPs that take notice, the more the Government takes notices, and the more the Government notices, the more the people who have the power to change things start to change things for the better.

So it it all starts with you.

5) And finally, you’ll make me happy. You can also make me happy by buying me some chocolate digestives but I’ll settle for writing to your MP.

Here’s the link again.

And if you’ve already done it, why not email your friends and family to tell them all about it? We have special software that allows you to do that too!